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Vision & Goals

Vital Seed Ministries is a faith based, not for profit corporation that serves both Business and Church.


Our vision is to transform the global economy through Christ – centered Business.


We aim to bring Business and Church together to pool resources and plant seeds for birthing and strengthening Kingdom Business along the highway of the global economy in order to advance God’s Kingdom in changing lives, transforming communities, and saving souls.

Vital Seeds' goal is to effectively synergize and complement both the Church and Business worlds through its thorough understanding of each and its connection with established relational networks.


Vital Seed seeks to facilitate and direct seeding resources of start-up capital, consultancy, mentoring, wisdom and vision through a backbone of relational based networks in partnership with the local Church and Business.


Duncan Vincent

Steve Samaniego is the president of Sevis Systems, Inc., the founding business contributor to Vital Seed. He is an engineer, a former US Air Force fighter pilot, and now operates a Christ-led telecommunications manufacturing business to glorify God as a pioneer in a new breed of Kingdom Businesses.

Steve Samaniego

Duncan Vincent has 19 years of consulting engineering & business management experience. He is an ordained minister, born of missionary parents and now serves the Church & Business world in ministry and leads Vital Seed International.

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